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KPC produces polypropylene homopolymer, under ASTM standard. Our products have been distributed to Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya and Syria etc.

and are available to produce plastic woven sacks, twist ropes, package film, household utensils,carpet , container and so on.

Plastic Woven Sacks

kinds of plastic woven sacks, including common plastic woven sacks, composite plastic woven sack and flexible freight container(Selling bag) and can meet different packing usage. Because advanced machinery and technology are adoptted and entile proccess is under critical test, so KPC can supply high quility, good apprearance products to customers.

Laminated Plastic Woven Fabric

Product Description:

In order to meet demands from market,We introduced adanced machinery and technology to produce high quility plastic woven fabric. Customers has very feliable choices from our products,we can supply one side laminated or double side laminated plastic woven fabric whose width is from 100cm to 1200cm which are availale to produce cover cloth, tent and hand bags etc..

Specifications :
1. width
From 100cm to 600cm
2. Length
If width is lower than 200cm, the length should be100m or 200m.Otherwise, the length should be 50m or 100m. Other spec can be decided by requirements of clients.
3.Technical specifications.

QHSE Policy

We at KPC, engaged in manufacturing and sales of Polypropylene and Woven sacks, are committed to the following key core values:
1. Creating Customer satisfaction through:
Proactive identification and response to Customers constant and dynamic requirements, by meeting their contractual, implicit and unstated needs.
Continual Improvement of our processes and systems by focusing on our Management System and Objectives.
2. Prevention of occupational injuries and ill health of our employees, contractors and visitors by:
Identification of hazardous processes, equipments and systems, their risk assessment, and application of necessary controls.
Hazard elimination through safe working practices, adequate instruction, training and participation of employees in emergency and response procedures.
Provide a safe, healthy and delightful work environment through adequate work systems and manufacturing resources.
Ensuring all manufacturing processes is safe, stable, proven and reliable.
3. Commitment to preserve and protect the Environment through excellence in environmental performance by:
Monitoring and evaluating the environmental impacts and aspects; to reduce severity of significant environmental impacts and conserve natural resources.
Ensuring that manufacture of products, to have a minimal impact on the environment during their life, and using green manufacturing techniques wherever feasible.
Preventing pollution by minimizing waste generation, optimizing raw material consumption, recycling materials safely, wherever economically feasible.
Monitoring and reducing the use of utilities wherever practically possible.
In doing so, we shall comply with all relevant statutory, legal, regulatory and mandatory requirements to which KPC subscribes and are applicable.

Business Principles

Business Principles Even though economical profit and bussiness success are essential target of bussiness corporation, we insist on sincerity, honesty and fairness as our bussiness principles in all aspects of our bussiness and expect the same in all of our relationships. any form of illegal and immoral activities such as fraud, bribe, exploit etc. are completely unacceptable.Employees must avoid conflict with the interest between private activities and company bussiness.All bussiness transactions on behalf of KPC must be reflected accurately and fairly on the accounts of the company in accordance with established procedures and be subject to audit.


KPC recognises four areas responsibility:
(a). To Shareholders:To protect shareholders' investment,and provide reasonable return.
(b). To customers:To develop and keep contaact with customers by promoting products and services which transfer our value in term of price, quality,safety and bussiness priciples which are sincerity, honesty,equality.To introduce or supply advanced techniques and commercial expertise to promote their bussiness.
(c). To employees: To respect human rights of employees, to provide good welfare and condition of work to embody their social and individual value, to promote developmentand use of human talent and equal opportunity, to improve personnel skill to meet the need of society.It is recognised that commercial success depends on the full efforts of all employees.
(d). To society: To conduct bussiness as responsible corporation of society, to obey and observe the laws of the country, to adopt and respect local custom and culture, to give enough concern with health, safety and evironment, to support local economical and social development and to encourage improvemnt of living standard, to participate social activities to display development of petrochemical industry.