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History of KPC
Khartoum Petrochemical Co.,Ltd. :: First Petrochemical Company in Sudan :: First Petrochemical Company in Sudan :: First Petrochemical Company in Sudan :: First Petrochemical Company in Sudan

In November of the year 2000, during his visit in Sudan, ex-deputy prime-minister of China, Mr Wu Bangguo ,and President of Sudan,General Omer Al-Bashir decided to improve petrochemical industy in Sudan and started with Polypropylene(PP) Project.

In December of 2000, feasibility study of PP project was finished and started to design.
In February of 2001, PP project started to construct.
In June of 2001, CNPC and SPC signed operation agreement about PP project.
In October 18,2001, PP project was registered in Sudan and Khartoum Petrochemical Co. Ltd.(KPC) was established.
On December 26 of 2001, the enginering work of factory is completed and factory started commissioning.
After 18 days commissioning, PP factory was put into operation successfully.
Five tons extrusion grade PP was deliveried to Plastic woven sacks factory, it means that PP produced by KPC was distributed in market successfully.
On July.18 2002, 250 tons PP were shipped to Egypt, it means Products of KPC is distributed to international market.
On Oct.2,2002, one container(16.7MT) of PP were shipped to Kenya, products of KPC started to get into Kenyan market.
On Jan. 16,2003, 60MT of PP were transfprted to Ehiopia by truck, KPC started to promote Ethiopia market.
On July.16,2003, as one step of "out of Sudan " strategy of KPC, Kpc started to develop Syria market.
On Nov.24.2003, the construction work of woven sacks unit was started.
On Apr.12.2004, the woven sacks factory start commissioning.
On Apr.15.2004, supply the products for local market.
From May.26.2004,we start to supply woven sacks to WFP(World Food Program).The total amount will be up to 1200,000 pcs

On Jan.10.2004, donation 5000 pcs woven sacks and 100 pcs woven proof cloth to Darfour people on behalf of MEM and CNPC.
The 1st board of directors meeting of the company was held in Beijing on 13rd Jan, 2005.
The first batch of sample woven bags and tarpaulin of the company was exported to Ethiopia on 13rd March, 2005.
The 2nd board of directors meeting and the 1st shareholders meeting was held on 24th April, 2006.
On 26th May, 2007, the company invited experts of Environment and Technology Safety Center of China University of Petroleum to assess safety and environmental risk woven sacks factory and PP plant.
On 9th Aug. 2007, the quality management system of the company met the requirement of ISO9001: 2000 and obtained the certificate issued by BSI.
During April to June, 2008, the company completed the 69-day overhaul.
The 3rd board of directors meeting and the 2nd shareholders meeting was held on 21st April, 2009.
On 24th December, 2009, the company successfully obtained ISO 14001 Environment and OHSAS 18001 occupational health management system certificates issued by BSI.
The 4th board of directors meeting and the 3rd shareholders meeting was held on 26th Feb. 2009.
On 26th Sep. to 2nd Oct. 2011, the company cooperated with Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and carried out a one-week HAZOP analysis for PP plant and woven sacks factory.

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