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Structure of KPC

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Khartoum Petrochemical Co. Ltd.,


Khartoum Petrochemical Co. Ltd (KPC)is a joint venture company between Ministry of Energy & Mining(MEM) of Sudan and China National Petroleum Corporation(CNPC), the company was registered on October 18 2001.
The main purpose of its establishment is to process propylene contained in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) into polypropylene resins. Its production capacity is 15,000 tons per year.
The project consists of Gas Distillation Unit, Polymerization Unit, Pelletization Unit as well as Air Separation Unit.
The units are applied with advanced standards for design and construction and advanced DCS system is utilized for process control, so the product quality is assured for ASTM standard. As experienced by many clients in Sudan or outside Sudan our products are certified as high quality products with stable and reliable properties and performance for producing woven sacks, plastic ropes, package films, household utensils and other kinds of plastic products.
The project achieved once through successful commissioning on January 15 2002, since then our polypropylene products have not only completely satisfied local market but also entered into international market such as Egypt, Ethiopia, Syria and Kenya, and brought Sudanese petroleum Industry into a new era combining exploration, development, refinery and chemical as integrity.
After all of this remarkable success, great achievements and continual progress, KPC erected another new additional branch woven sacks factory in April 2004.
The major purpose of this project is to produce plastic woven sacks, canvas and tents which can be used in different sectors such as agriculture organizations, sugar factories, flour mills, and soap industries.
The annual production capacity of the woven sacks factory is 20,000,000 pieces sacks and 16,000,000 square meters laminated plastic canvas.